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Who said that a superhero needs superpowers to do good on the streets of his native city and beat to death "bad guys"? In fact, the real hero needs something else: the courage to wear a stupid suit, easy to handle and a heavy wrench, as well as a little madness, provoked by his wife's infidelity with a dragdiller. At least, our main character Frank, a simple guy without a hint of even the ability of a psychic, that's how he turned into a superhero. The police refused to arrest the dangerous drug dealer and thereby to return to Frank the wife so he, having studied comics and properly having thought on leisure of ways of her "rescue", thought up to himself both a suit, and the weapon. Training, auto-training and hard work on the costume behind, and the street finally comes out a real hero in sweatpants and with a construction tool at the ready. And the company he is a young partner, inspired by the example of Frank and decided to do a heroic craft.

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