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Seventeen-year-old Japanese student named Kaido Haru had a chance to try on the role of a mentor in life. Agree, not the most usual and simple occupation for the modern young man. It began with the fact that his eccentric mother called the boy, tearing from a pleasant summer holiday not somewhere, but Canada.nThen, somewhere in the middle of the Rocky mountains she now lived with eight-year-old Ren is adopted by the youngest son. And the surprises did not end there, as the mother declared: "I Have to, Haru, you take on the responsibility for the education of newfound brother and help him to adapt to the so-called "civilized society."nRen at first was acting like a wild wolf – offish and completely unmanageable. Realizing that in place for this task to handle, Haru took it with him on his Japanese Homeland.