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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The plot of the series tells the story of Sam Phillips-the founder of San records recording Studio in Memphis. This Studio was the first of its kind, as in the 1950s there was more demand for live sound. Today, around the world label is highly popular and known. The series will tell about the birth of a popular Studio. Sam worked as a simple DJ on the radio until the idea came to his mind to create his own, real recording Studio. Inspired by this idea, he, taking the family, moved from his native Nashville to the city of Memphis, where he decided to realize his own dream. But it was not as easy as he planned – almost every client was a third-rate performers, and Phillips wanted to work with real professionals, such as Bi-bi king or Elvis Presley, though for this he needed to achieve recognition and learn to work with different people, as well-known musicians can be very picky. Helped the main character of the picture friends, relatives and people who were not indifferent to the fate of the popular music of rock and roll. The film will be appreciated by music lovers and people who are interested to see how hard it is to achieve high results in this area.