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George had to raise his daughter alone. He was left alone with the baby, when she still could not even walk. Since then, sixteen years have passed, and now Tessa has grown into a charming young lady. George always took care of his daughter, and was afraid that the girl did not get into bad company. Once he finds it in the nightstand condoms, and it's put him in shock. A little thought, the man decides to leave new York, where too many temptations for her daughter. George decides to move to a suburb where decent families live. Tess such a decision of his father did not cause any joy, but she could not disobey the will of the parent. And so, now, father and daughter become residents of the suburbs. The girl at first afraid of the new neighbors. Each of the mothers considers it their duty to visit new neighbors and treat them to their pastries. But, soon the girl begins to understand that the neighbors are not so strange as it seemed at first glance.