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  • Genres:
  • Adventure
  • Drama
  • Action
In 2003, a special unit of the us army shamefully failed the operation to rescue hostages in Iraq. The plan of action got out of control, causing all the hostages to die. John porter led the operation. Despite the endless remorse of the commander and the soldiers taking part in the operation, the consequences of this fatal mistake were not long in coming. For porter and his friend Collinson, they were a disaster. 7 years have passed since that terrible tragedy. These years were unbearable for porter, because he never ceased to feel guilty for the death of innocent people. He dreamed that one day he would have the opportunity to correct everything and atone for his guilt. And finally, after many years of suffering, this opportunity still presented itself. He goes back to Iraq, where once his whole life broke down. There was a meeting with an old friend Collison. John must at all costs remove the heavy burden from his shoulders and get rid of the oppressive feelings of guilt for all that has happened. He can realize his dream only if he makes every effort to save people. The goal is very close, but will it reach her?