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Martial arts for Japan is a whole religion. Throughout the history of the country, many schools have replaced each other at the top of popularity. Some of the direction was forgotten when he died the last of their master. Others, on the contrary, went to the people and became available even to the simple peasant. But the secret is kept secret. About this series "Fist killer" - "Ansatsuken".nnThis is the name of the technique, which developed in ancient times. This combat direction is unique. It has been perfected for centuries, which has led to excellent results. Each fighter owning this art, was the perfect warrior in hand-to-hand combat, that simple street fight he had no equal. In our time, Ansatsuken practiced by Ryu and Ken. Knocking out a dozen bullies for guys is like drinking a glass of water. But just wave your hands guys are not happy, because they live by the canons of Japanese soldiers.nnRyu and Ken's life changes dramatically when they learn that they are the only carriers of art Ansatsuken. Once the boys know the technique "Fist killer", and it is no longer available to anyone, this imposes a special responsibility on them. This means that they will not only have to fight.

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