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  • Genres:
  • Drama
In a small Brazilian town lives the main character and his mother, who as a child took him from his native metropolis. That is why, becoming an adult Leandro, that's the name of the main character, decides to go back to where so suddenly escaped his mother. But whether it is necessary to say that having returned to the huge city, the man lost the head. On the first day of his arrival, he met a charming, married woman, with whom he soon began Dating. But these meetings did not last long, because later Leandro met with a young and friendly Antonia, in which he fell in love at first sight. But even here his love adventures did not end, because it turned out that Anthony - the daughter of his first mistress, the wife of a wine magnate, and he learned about it from another woman who went to bed with him, from a friend of their family.