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Original Title: Stolen Life
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Family
Channel: NOVA
Creators: Evtim Miloshev
Description: There are a few rules that must be followed to create a successful film. The first is a good script written by a brilliant writer with boundless talent and a great sense of humor. The second-well-chosen cast. And third, we need aboutnnAt the stage of selection of candidates, the main role in the film planned to give Jason Statham (Mechanic) and Clive Owen (the international). However, the authority of Nicolas cage, was more significant than the candidacy of these actors. Filming began immediately after his return from Romania, where he worked on the project Ghost rider 2. nnEvents pictures Medallion watch online in good quality, take us to new York, where two true friends are engaged in illegal Affairs. All of them are going very well, but one day, will Montgomery (Nicolas cage), feeling the approach of old age, decided to retire and to educate daughters. But this decision did not suit his accomplice. Will kidnapped only daughter (Malin Ackerman) and took away in the trunk of a taxi in an unknown direction. Now the main character has only 12 hours to rescue his daughter, paying a ransom of 10 million. He asks for help from the police, but they are not going to start looking for a teenager, because of the criminal past Montgomery. A desperate father has to cross the line of the law to save his child... nnThanks to a realistic game of actors and action-Packed scenario, the film online for free attracts attention from the first minute. Each character manages to convey to the viewer their problems, beliefs and wealth of the inner world. The ending is hard to guess from the first shots, and the intrigue persists throughout almost the entire film. This is the merit of David Guggenheim, whose work you could learn by watching the film Daniel Espinoza's Safe house, with Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington in the lead roles. The screenplay by Guggenheim, made the movie Medallion watch online in good quality unlike typical American action movies. Nontrivial dialogues of the main characters, written very accurately and have a deep meaning. The entire filming process of the film is headed by Simon West - the master of the action genre and the Creator of the recent explosive Thriller nnMost of the spectators watching the film, gave her the highest rating. Besides, when in project C And after watching, you do not just remember the events of the film, thinking of the most favorite episodes in my head.

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