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Original Title: Stitchers
  • Genres:
  • Mystery
Channel: ABC Family,Freeform
Creators: Jeff Schechter
Language: English
Description: The werewolves have managed to survive long enough. The secret is that they hide their true identity from humanity. The floor of wolves spread throughout the world, and began to live in flocks of a few individuals. Mandy and her family live apart from the rest. She is very lonely, because she has no friends. Family with all the forces trying to hide the true origin. Soon the school comes a new guy who is somehow different from the rest of the guys. It was he who could become the only friend for the girl. Now they repeatedly fall into an incredible adventure, and are on the verge of exposure. They cannot be allowed to about the existence of werewolves learned people. If this happens, then all werewolves prove on the brink of life and death. Now it all depends on this couple, and how quickly they will cope with the problems. Meanwhile, residents begin to suspect something is wrong, and the threat becomes real. Will the heroes be able to save their species from the threat of destruction?

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