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Original Title: Stitch!
  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: TV Tokyo
Creators: Masami Hata
Description: Marsden and Serafina-a couple faced with a terrible test: their little daughter died, and they can not cope with the grief. Everything in the house reminds of her, every day turns into an unbearable test, and it is absolutely impossible to distract from the pain of loss. Having tried many ways to come to terms with the loss and quite desperate, husband and wife ask friends for advice, and they understand that it's time for desperate action. Under their leadership, Marsden with Serafino collect things that remind them of the daughter, and go into the wilderness, where one intends to hold a special ritual to help parents to break up with emotional baggage. Having prepared everything necessary, he declares that it is necessary to burn the brought subjects, and begins to call death, assuring that only having taken death for granted, it is possible to live further. When terrible events begin to happen around, both parents and their friends understand that the ritual, which has a symbolic meaning, has led to unexpected consequences.

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