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The Thriller Seam (2014) shows the bitterness and suffering of parents who had to lose a small child forever. In the center of the plot of the psychological film are young spouses-Serafina and Marsden, who are experiencing the death of a little daughter Lily. The couple can not accept this injustice and all day, torturing himself with thoughts about the tragedy. Despite all the efforts of the main characters to continue to live, they are bad at it, because what could be worse than the loss of their child. Trying to help grief-stricken parents, their close friends are persuaded to go to a distant African desert, where you can go through a ritual that, according to legend, is able to get rid of experiences. There the couple searches for the sorcerer-the African pagan that has the right of carrying out a mystical ritual. Considering that the pain of loss passes, the couple move into a large mansion, under which is a basement. Of course, the characters have no keys to it, but this does not stop them from starting their own attempts to call death. The film Seam, which was released in 2014, will appeal to all fans of dramatic films from the horror genre. Deeply sad parents who have lost their only child can not cope with the pain that eats away their soul from the inside. At some point, they think that salvation is very close, because friends are sure what to do in such situations. Wanting to drown out the pain of loss, the couple are even ready for such a non - standard offer-to go to the desert for any magical ritual. Perhaps the legend is telling the truth, and after the passage of the rite of heroes can really find the long-awaited peace? About how the adventures of a couple will end, you can find out by looking at the mystical work of the American Director Ajay - Shov (2014). The creators of the film tried to penetrate into psychology, the fate of the punished, father and mother. It is known that such film projects gather a small audience. Usually it is the audience who want to empathize with the characters, to philosophize about the realities of life and to overestimate their values. The Suture tape (2014) can be compared to movies like Rabbit hole and I declare war, which also shows the parent's attempts to start life anew after the loss of a native child... Despite the fact that the film has some Seam not joining, yet in General he is sympathetic, as the developments after the arrival of the main characters in the appointed place, promises to intrigue. After all, having lost the only happiness in life, young parents try not to give up, using a somewhat non-standard method to muffle their pain.