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"Steven universe" tells the story of how a boy who is half human and half alien-gem, learns to use its unusual power and, of course, helps his friends, a team of Crystal Gems, to save the world, protecting it from threats and destruction. The fact that he's a half-breed, makes it unique in its own way strong: it doesn't have the destabilizer, is deadly to vampires. However, I learned it while a little: just to treat, to call shield and revive the plants.The gems wanted to use the Land instead of the plantation to grow their young, but the Garnet, Amethyst and Pearls rebelled against them so that the planet would not be deprived of the life force of the desert. Now, in addition to the gem messengers who are trying to break the resistance of the rebels, the Crystal Gems have to deal with infected gems that need to be cured, but how? – incomprehensibly.In the first season, Steve learns new things and skills. So, suddenly it turns out that he has the ability of transformation – but rather annoyingly, all he manages is to turn your fingers in the cat's head. And then, escaping from danger and saving the girl from it, he creates a magic bubble. The danger has passed, but now how to get out?rnIn addition, he meets a huge pink Lion and manages to make friends with him. This is a very unusual creation: the whole universe in the mane is hidden in the head of the sword, the ability to walk on water and open portals. Leo is also part of the team, although she often brings problems that do whatever he wants.Stephen becomes the soul of the team and does not let the Crystal Gems get bored: he drags them to the game club, participates with Amethyst in wrestling competitions, celebrates birthdays with them, arranges a barbecue. Can not do without feats: the gem amethyst begins to crack, and urgently need to save her, then suddenly the ocean disappears, then suddenly on the head of Stephen fall tests: the mission of the Lunar spire is one of them, and Stephen requires continuation. The beach town is attacked by aliens, monsters and other threats that have escaped from the Temple, and Stephen and Crystal Gems are suddenly imprisoned by Jasper! How do they get out of there?Stephen's relatives, even those from whom no one expected help, are trying to help him understand his abilities and the properties of his crystal. But Stephen-an ordinary boy, who, in addition to saving the world, the study of alien ships, fighting with swords and other feats, interesting and ordinary life: pajama parties, birthday parties, performances in plays, friendship and entertainment. He travels, explores dungeons, deals with their own counterparts, which appeared quite by accident, helping friends to build relationships and deals with their own sometimes very complex relationships with the world.rnHeroes communicate, get to know themselves and their surroundings, learn to deal with their own forces and, of course, do not lose heart in any situation, continuing to joke and have fun, no matter what.