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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Family
Very rarely in the box office there is a film that can so deeply affect the innermost strings of the soul of absolutely everyone. This event was the film "Stepmother", released in 1998. This is one of the best examples of movies about family values, maternal wisdom, complex psychological relationships. Two worlds-the world of adults and the world of children are trying to find common ground, sometimes so deeply hidden and often simply not visible. The film tells about a family with a difficult fate, where mixed concepts of duty, responsibility and sincerity. A divorced father of two children is trying to influence their relationship with his new girlfriend. She truly does everything to get the trust and respect of kids, but often to no avail. Strongly resists them to have, using all possible levers of influence and achieves that children do not want to see in the friend of the father kind and charming friend, and perceive her as an evil stepmother. But twists fate accented sometimes so unexpected and shocking, that in one moment can change tens of souls. The mother of the kids is terminally ill. Cancer. This leads to completely unexpected consequences and disclosure of the true qualities of the characters.The picture " Stepmother "can not but touch even the most hardened and unapproachable soul, because the word" mother " speaks about each of us.

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