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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
You should start with the fact that the very name of the series "Startup", says a lot. The search for what to push off for their own start is not subject to everyone. You find an idea on which you spend a lot of time, time, and in the end - the lack of resources can all end in nothing. The technical side of the issue of the same idea, began to deal with three completely different people who live their lives, with their subtleties. It may seem that they do not understand the expediency of this venture, but did not retreat from the desire to achieve their own. Those who watched the series will definitely be looking two, three and so on until the denouement.the Plot once again shows us and draws attention to the fact that people are sometimes ready for everything to achieve their goals, which is, in principle, no surprise. With the actors here, everything is simple, the role of each is revealed, played quite well, although in some moments it seems, it would be possible to "dig" deeper to achieve those emotions. In General, all the same-it is interesting to observe what is happening, each thread, unraveling the tangle of connections between the main characters, entails something new in the plot. There is a TV series and a separate branch - a family drama interwoven with a detective investigation, makes its poignancy, dilutes the story. The movie breathes interest, exciting moments, it is easy to see and to perceive. We can only wait for the continuation of the series for true fans of the story.

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