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To solve a super-difficult mathematical problem that came from the depths of millennia, a secret organization decided to embed it in the computer game "Prometheus". The young hero Eli Wallace manages to solve this problem, which leads to his inclusion in the group involved in the study of the nine-character address found in Atlantis. So he learns that people are not the only creatures living in the Universe, and the Ancient, many centuries ago left the Earth, were able to invent a way to travel between the worlds – through the "wormhole" in the Stargate. The first attempts to dial a mysterious address are not crowned with success. However, during the crucial research, the secret base is attacked, which forces the people present there to evacuate. By coincidence, not wanting to put the Earth in danger, Dr. Nicholas rush takes a risky decision for the last time to type the characters, over the solution of which he fought for several months. The address leads the characters to an abandoned ship "Destiny", uncontrollably rushing through the Universe in an unknown direction. From this moment begins a dangerous and exciting journey to nowhere.the first task of the new team is to bring the ship to the proper state, because for centuries of flight, many systems have become unusable. The second task is the extraction of food, as the transition was made by several dozen people. Soldiers, scientists, civilians caught on the ship, begin to explore the space in which they were. Some are covered by panic and despair, while others are overwhelmed by the desire to create and study. Soon it turns out that the path to the Ground for them is closed, most likely, forever. There were their family and friends. During the flight, the space submarine moved away from the milky way galaxy to an unimaginable distance. Involuntary fellow travelers have to learn to coexist with each other, without losing hope that they will someday return home.

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