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In 1928, in Egypt, archaeologists find a ring of stone, quite impressive size. At the place of discovery, the us armed forces arrive to conduct a detailed study of a strange object. However, none of them can decipher the mysterious characters depicted on the ring. Then the command involved in the study of a professional Egyptologist Jackson, who was always sure that the Egyptian pyramids is nothing but the creation of extraterrestrial civilizations. Translation of symbols reveals the mystery of the stone ring-a Stargate, with which you can go to another world. Together with the Egyptologist to another dimension sent Colonel O'neill. They travel many millions of light-years from Earth to a mysterious planet resembling ancient Egypt. This world is ruled by a powerful ruler-The sun God RA. Now, to get back home, they will have to fight with the formidable RA, who learned that the gate to Earth is open again, decides to attack our planet...

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