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The majestic discovery excites the imagination of visitors of the desert region. The purpose of the mysterious arch remains a trap for the mind. The huge building has an undeniable value, but at the same time is endowed with mythical properties. Found records of ancient Egyptians testify to the simultaneous worship and fear of the people before the unique building. As a child, the daughter of an archaeologist helped to show the world "Stargate: the Beginning of season 1" thanks to curiosity. The confluence of circumstances forever connects the maiden's fate with a mysterious portal. The heiress of the discoverer wants to unravel the way of opening the inviting corridor to other dimensions.Angry owner looking for a military rank of the master key to the unknown passage, for gain. The ambitions of the villain reach unthinkable scope. An attempt on the heritage of ancestors with greedy thoughts threatens to turn into a worldwide collapse. Stubborn acts tough and eliminates interference with accurate shots. The direct participant of landmark campaigns and excavations aware of the treachery of the enemy, because he vows to stay ahead of the traitor at any price. The girl is faced with unprecedented cultures, which earthlings are not ready to meet. Courage and selfless courage help the warrior and her assistants to resist evil, simultaneously making great discoveries.

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