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Series co-produced by America and Canada "Stargate SG-1" – a direct continuation of the sensational at the time of the feature film "Stargate". Events unfold a year after the events described in the picture. Humanity is beginning to increasingly enjoy the network of "Stargates" - devices installed by the Ancient and allows in the blink of an eye to move to one of a set of geographical points scattered across a number of Galaxies.nnHowever, this discovery brings earthlings not only prospects for new discoveries, but also problems. Once we can fly to visit the alien races, and their representatives at any time can look to us, and not always with good intentions. To ensure the safety of the Earth, 25 space units are being created. One of them is "SG – 1" (in the English version-SG – 1).nnThe mission of this crew to explore the Galaxy and protect our planet from the newly acquired enemies - Russ Goa, Medov, replicators and all sorts of other orayev who consider themselves gods. The base of the squad "ZV-1" is located in Cheyenne mountain near Colorado springs. It is from here that our heroes start in search of another adventure.

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