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New anime series "Star vs. the Forces of Evil" - the continuation of the story battle of one of the most Mimino superheroes, Star butterfly. As fans of this heroine remember, in the background she had to fight fairly with the most dangerous monsters of the Universe. Felts to protect the girl from the inevitable revenge the forces of evil, or omitted to just give her put on set of merits the holidays, the Star is sent to Earth. But, after all, it has such an obnoxious character that from the very beginning it is clear: without adventures of a cosmic scale will not do here.nnOn our planet star butterfly settles in an ordinary family of Diaz. But, routine life girls for the exchange (even interplanetary and unilateral), she does not want to lead. And therefore immediately begins the fight against the universal evil. The problem is that most of these villains it manages to find even in the school where she has to learn.nnWorse, in their dangerous adventures she actively draws and Marco-son-a teenager from sheltered her family Diaz. And, she never asks the consent of the teenager. Although, if the kid refuses, always must help Head a Pony-the best each Butterflies from its native Universe. Together they will protect the wand, an artifact, to whom the heroine still feels the thrill.

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