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The main characters of the animated series "Star Wars: Forces of Destiny" are women who were destined to change the fate of the Universe.rn

So, mudmover ray that does not have noble birth, suddenly opened incredible powers and went to a fascinating, extremely dangerous adventure. Ray still doesn't even know she was destined to resurrect the Jedi order and become a warrior of light, is wielding the Power.rn

Princess Leia on the contrary all life was considered the hope of his home planet. Raised in a wealthy, privileged family, she led an army of rebels, hoping to someday change the world. In the future she is destined to meet Han Solo and his brother Luke, whose existence she had not previously suspected.strong and brave Padme Amidala fought for justice for many years. Being the ruler of the planet Naboo. The girl tried to defend the independence of her home. However, with the consolidation of Empire, democracy, the universe became more and more illusive.gene ERSO witnessed the death of her parents, and this event completely changed her life. Now the only thing a girl can think about is revenge. She tries to help ordinary people who are in danger, but life is such that Jean has to try on the role of a criminal.the main characters of this series are simple women, who by their actions and deeds advance the fight against Imperial expansion. Their war seems imperceptible and barely perceptible, but it is from the decisions of Jean, Padme, Leia and ray depends on the future of the Universe.Well aware of their small physical strength, these women use cunning, intelligence and diplomatic skills to overthrow the dictatorship.however, years of war with the Empire require certain sacrifices. That is why the main characters have to leave loved ones, lose loved ones, putting everything they had on the altar of a ghostly victory.