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The predecessors of the brilliant captain Kirk plunge into unknown galaxies to resolve severe conflicts and study foreign cultures. Wanderers try to establish peaceful contacts with other civilizations, but are forced to recognize their own insignificance before the scope of distant empires. Klingons are the first to meet "Star trek: discovery season 1" with extremely aggressive moods. Tormented by wars and incessant seizures of the planet is powerless before the onslaught of troubles. Wanderers don't guess that first outing will give them a fatal test.the Traitor on Board is the team's main vulnerability. The destruction of the plating apparatus of the interstellar alien weapon completes the cycle deadlock problems. Is the failure will overtake the brave space explorers? Daredevils should reject stereotypes and it is proud to step on others open spaces. Prejudices about belligerence or kindness of the representatives of other space races have to pacify and change. Exclusively communication can show the true essence of casual counter. The survival of the research team depends entirely on the ability to live in alien conditions and respect the values of foreign peoples contributing to their risky but delightful voyage.

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