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At the court of the viewer is presented for the eleventh sci-Fi picture, the events of which are developing in the Star trek.In 2387, suddenly, it would seem, formed a star Romulus Horus system turns into a supernova, ready to explode at any moment. The captain of the ship "Narada" Nero needs to reveal the technology of creating black holes in order to save his planet from extinction. Together with a colleague from the mining Guild Spock, he decides to learn the secrets of this technology on the planet Vulcan. But friends stumble on indifference, and so and not can save Romulus.Holding a grudge and anger not only at the inhabitants of the Volcano, but also on the whole Federation, which did not help him, Nero decides to take revenge. Turning for help on a secret Romulan base, he gets the most modern weapons. Just the appearance of the miner's ship "Narada" is changing beyond recognition. Now Nero feels in itself forces and his the thirst for revenge even more is intensifying.

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