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Robert Harold Square pants-sea sponge, and lives this amazing character on the ocean floor, in a pretty town called Bikini bottom. Bikini bottom itself is like an ordinary provincial town with a cafe, an amusement Park, a hospital and even a prison. It is in the local cafe "Krusty Krabs", which is led by avid Mr. Krabs and Spongebob works.the main character has a best friend, starfish Patrick, and a pet named Gary. Spongebob himself is an extremely artistic and good-natured character. He is always ready to help those who need it, than other heroes sometimes use. For example, Mr. Krabs repeatedly profited from the ideas and increased efficiency of his best employee.Spongebob Lives in a giant pineapple-like house with his beloved snail Gary. More than anything, the main character of the animated series loves to hunt jellyfish and blow bubbles with Patrick. Sometimes friends go on a trip, but never for a long time away from your favorite town Bikini bottom. His optimism and excessive decency Sponge Bob many annoying. He is extremely naive, but it can hold a grudge, albeit briefly.Spongebob is also a close friend of a squirrel named sandy chick, who has settled at the bottom of the ocean to explore the local flora and fauna. Due to the inability to breathe underwater, sandy has to wear a special suit, in which she appears in almost every series. In winter, sandy goes into hibernation, and this amazing squirrel lives in a special house-tree, where the temperature is artificially created, as on land.The main character himself is very attached to his beloved town, and to his many friends. At the same time, Spongebob is constantly visited by a variety of ideas and ideas that turn into unexpected adventures for the whole company.Spongebob's relationship with his colleague and neighbor Squidward turns out to be Strained. Being a humanoid octopus, Squidward has a very bad character: he hates his job as a cashier in the restaurant "Krusty Krabs", and can not stand Spongebob, from which some troubles, but problems. Forever falling into the mess Sponge Bob repeatedly violated the peace of his neighbor. Squidward himself invented a variety of plans that would survive the Bob and from the restaurant and from the town of Bikini bottom. However, all these ideas turned into nothing, and Spongebob always came out the winner of the machinations, arranged by the foe.rn

Despite the fact that all the inhabitants of Bikini bottom seem so strange and different, the cartoon about "Sponge Bob" has gained fabulous popularity. And let the main character is not different foresight and intelligence, but to watch his adventures are always very interesting!