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Original Title: Spider-Man
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: FOX,Fox Kids
Creators: Stan Lee,Steve Ditko
Language: English
Description: Serial fantastic drama People, season 3 download continues the story of the attempts of peaceful coexistence of people and synthetics-robots, no different from them in appearance. Synths quickly entered the lives of people, becoming their indispensable helpers in everyday life and in complex industries, but it turned out that robots can awaken their own consciousness and emotions. This caused caution in people, and, as it turned out, not in vain. Through the efforts of Niska and Matti synthetics gained consciousness, which caused serious excitement in society. People do not trust those who were recently considered just things, they are afraid for the future of mankind.Synths, seeing prejudice on the part of people, create their own separate society, but a year later their opinion about living together with people begins to change. The Hockins family, which is in the center of the history with synthetics, is trying to normalize their lives. Relationships with synths will further unite spouses and their children, teach to appreciate each other and take care of dear people.

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