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Meet the DiMeo family, looking at which someone loses the gift of speech, and someone on the cheek will run a tear and break out the words of hot support and sincere respect. What will be your opinion, we learn after watching the new Comedy TV show "Silent" from the AMC channel. New "American family" < a> looks like this.Mom Maya viewers will surely remember as the beloved hero Matt Damon from the wonderful painting “Clever will hunting”, the other actors are not as well known as Minnie Driver, but it does not prevent the family DiMeo cheer and touch fans of good humor and good – quality drama-TV series Speachless will appeal to all and will not leave anyone indifferent. so, who are DiMeo : overactive, sharp-tongued, cheerful and cheerful mother Maya, good - natured – man dad Jimmy, middle child, athlete, young beauty, nerves, emotions, anger and, imagine, the brain of the family-Dylan, the youngest bore ray and the eldest son Jay, with whom fate ordered brutally and thanklessly-the boy cerebral palsy and he is confined to a wheelchair (actor Mickey Fowler really cerebral palsy).However, do not think that this trouble has unsettled DiMeo. On the contrary, the grief only United Maya and Jimmy, after Jay they gave birth to two more and are quite happy with their big, loud and friendly family.and today DiMeo is ready to start a new page in his life – they move into a new house, which is located in a more prestigious area. To be honest, the house is not so new, but the main thing is not this, but the fact that Jay will be able to attend school for children with special needs, where he will work with the best teachers. Plus, the school has a new stadium for two million dollars, so Dylan's two hands up. Ray can be given a slap – and he too will agree. So DiMeo is ready for a change, even though they can't really afford it financially. But the first step is the hardest! Want to get a charge of vivacity and a guide on how to live and enjoy every day, even when your child is disabled – then welcome to watch a Comedy show.