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The action of the series takes place at a time when Roman troops enter into an Alliance with the Thracian tribes against the getes. However, motivated by ambition, the Roman legate Glaber transfers his troops to counter Mithridates. After that, the Thracians, deciding that the Union agreement is violated, returned to protect their homes from the getes. Glaber, enraged after such an act, declares the Thracians deserters and captures one of their leaders – Spartacus, along with his wife, turning them into slavery. The shackled Spartacus is sent to Capua, and his wife is sold to a slave trader. Thracian prisoners are planned to be put on the arena for their murders during The festival dedicated to glaber's father-in-law. But Spartak managed to win his battle, and then Batiatus buys him for his Gladiator school.

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