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  • Comedy
The plot of the picture unfolds around Tim and Daisy, two creative personalities, whom fate has decided to bring together on the road of life. Now they are experiencing not the best times. Tim breaks up with his girlfriend and as a bonus to the already unpleasant moment, he also loses a roof over his head. Daisy also has a storm in a relationship that leads to a breakup with her boyfriend. Having met and found a lot in common in their problems, they come up with a great solution to the situation. Tim and Daisy decide to move into a cozy house together at a bargain price. And to implement this plan, the only thing they need to do is to appear before the sentimental owner of the living space in the image of a romantic couple. Pretending to be in love with fights and always cooing doves, they still manage to settle safely in this house. The main thing now is not to get out of the way that their landlord and part-time neighbor Marsh did not see through. In addition to loving to fill the collar Marches, another neighbor "in love" couples become gloomy and pessimistic Creator Brian, the paintings of which and breathes longing and loneliness. And complement this motley company friends of the main characters-Mike, the dotted line of which is a weapon of different types and sizes, and a friend of the main character, working in the fashion industry.