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Scandalous, controversial, controversial — animated series "South Park" watch online is at least for the sake of his reputation. In the center of the plot are four friends who are studying at the secondary school of the town "South Park".the Guys are completely different from each other, moreover, they often conflict and quarrel because of the difference of their own views, but still stay together. The instigator of all scandalous stories is Eric Cartman, a boy who is obese and has quite aggressive, sadistic tendencies. Eric is a racist, he hates Jews, against the background of what happen to his constant conflicts with another character, Kyle.Kyle himself is sensitive and reasonable, he is not used to act in a hurry, like Cartman, which is why less likely to get into funny situations. Kyle's best friend is considered to be Stan, acting as the main moralist of the series. Because of his good character often comes into conflict with Eric Cartman, while losing to his unbalanced friend because of the inability to defend their own views.we Must not forget about another character of the project — Kenny, who during the first five seasons died in almost every series. After his death, Kenny has consistently risen to the next day again to die. In one of the later seasons it is revealed that Kenny's parents continually give birth to a new baby, an exact copy of the previous one, which explains the regular resurrection of the character.celebrities keep popping up in South Park town. Then Paris Hilton will open its own store, then Barbara Streisand will try to take over the world, starting with "South Park". In the midst of all these strange events is just four friends, who repeatedly had to save the world, using their conflicting talents.rn

In the last seasons of the series the main characters are struggling to get out of school, for coming up with this variety of earnings. In addition, the audience will learn a lot of details about the personal life of friends. So, Cartman in one of episodes pretends to be a transgender for the purpose to visit a female toilet, and Stan sits down on the next computer game.other residents of South Park are trying to show their political correctness and progressiveness in everything. That's why they're trying to attract to your town as many of the other races, but in the eighteenth season and did refuse the services of the police, considering that the cops in the city only increases the number of criminals. Here only Cartman and the company seldom share initiatives of other citizens, adhering to the, specific views."South Park" is a real satire on the modern world, in which there was a place for caustic jokes about religion, and for ridiculing serious topics related to terrorism. Jokes project someone may seem too tough, but it is due to its uncompromising project and earned its cult status.