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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The dramatic television series "Sorry for Your Loss" tells the story of Lee Shaw, a young girl who suddenly becomes a widow. The death of the man she loved forever changes the life of Lee. She finds herself in captivity of severe depression, and does not know how to survive the bitterness of loss. Matt was her meaning of life, soulmate and the only person who knew her true.the Girl can no longer stay in her apartment and therefore temporarily moves in with her mother. Here she has to share the territory with her sister, a former alcoholic, undergoing rehabilitation. Although the relationship with family has always been strained, particularly If the needs their support.the Mother sends Shaw to an anonymous mutual aid group where people who have lost close relatives gather. She does not particularly believe in therapy, but regularly attends meetings. From this starting point begins a long way of understanding the loss, and its subsequent acceptance. Living, word in dream, Lee is beginning to understand, that it need not resist sorrow. She must let her in, pass through her heart, and try to move on, leaving the memories of a past life in the past. Maybe not for me, but for the people who need her, and, of course, Matt."I'm Sorry for your loss" is one of those rare series that can not leave indifferent. Brilliant acting and a strong script make this show one of the main discoveries of the autumn TV season.