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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Crime small town Charming that in California, among other things represented by a gang of local bikers. This is not just a club of interests, it has long been an illegal business structure engaged in the arms trade. Of course, motorcyclists outside the law full of enemies. This and the feds and the Nazis and drug traffickers, and even soldiers of the Irish Republican army. Encroachment on their territory from the outside happen all the time. But bikers manage to get out of each such local war stronger.nnHowever, in addition to the external threat to the gang torn internal contradictions. At leadership increasingly put forward JAX morrow. He is too smart for" white trash", charismatic and confident – in a word, terribly promising. That's just a young leader is going to implement radical changes – to get away from the arms trade and to take bikers some legal business. These plans do not like either the stepfather of the guy, who previously held all the power in his hands, Clay, or his mother, Gemma, committed to the old order.nnA number of viewers note that the structure of the "Sons of Anarchy" is very similar to the famous "Soprano Clan", just on the biker theme. Other critics dig deeper, and say that the creators of the series was clearly inspired by Shakespeare's"hamlet".

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