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One day a man appears at the door of the house of a wealthy family and asks the owner to allow him to take a bath. The man looks like a tramp and the father of the family refuses the request, but soon it turns out that it is not so easy to get rid of this homeless man. He lurks nearby and still gets his way. The mistress of the house has not yet suspected that she let not only the house, but also the real evil into her life. The stranger stays in the house, managed not to catch the eye of the owner, and together with tramp in the house, settles disorder, and strange things happen. The stranger, skillfully manipulating the hostess, plays on feelings of the woman and sows in her soul doubt of decency of the husband, brings to the wife experiences and sufferings. Thus the disorder in a happy family, a stranger very quickly achieves the goals from now on in this house nothing looks well and decent, in the once exemplary family settles distrust and hostility.

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