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  • Comedy
The youth series will tell about the life of several girls. The heroines live in a remote residential area of the city and try to avoid the main mistakes of today's youth, such as unplanned pregnancy and drug problems. Their main goal-to leave forever is not the best place and achieve success in life. Friends share one common passion. They love football and everything connected with it. Viva long left its mother, which traded daughter on another lover. Her dad didn't miss either. Time in vain does not lose. For several years he has been having an affair with a pretty coach of the football team. His passions did not manage to come to terms with Vivai and her brother. Another girl amber is still blonde, Dating a guy, but they are United only by love for sex. Their friend Holly is quite aggressive, which should not be typical of young girls her age. She is constantly looking for new objects to which you can throw another portion of his accumulated negative. Saz is more reasonable. She manages to put out all the conflicts are still in full swing. Of all the girls she is the most educated and intelligent. But even these positive characteristics do not make her life better. Girls rush between their families and friends, football and other Hobbies. Their pace of life gives them the opportunity to always be in good shape. Everyday beauties are full of different adventures, quarrels and scrapes, in which they involve themselves. And then try to find some way out of this situation. But they live by their own rules, and therefore, they are quite satisfied.