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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
The series tells the story of a dark period - Los Angeles was captured by the epidemic of cocaine. It was the eighties, and the problem of drugs has become serious. The police authorities had launched a campaign to counter that activity, but there had been no significant results. The city continued to operate the groups working on covert operations, supplying a considerable party of white powder. a Lot of human destinies were mutilated, there seemed to be no escape from this lawlessness. The black guy who was forced to survive, to provide for the family, believed that it was the street that was the real teacher. He realized that by selling coke, you can, in a short time to collect a considerable fortune. A large number of citizens, from teenagers to important wealthy individuals, addicted to drugs, there was no way back ... it is Known that where there are illegal finances, there is violence, murder, the opportunity to be in prison for a long period. The most terrible is the behavior of drug addicts - they are not able to stop, ready to do anything to get the next dose…

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