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The main heroine of this anime is a young girl named Shirayuki. She's an extraordinary person. Most of its features are its rare hair color. It's hard to imagine a girl whose hair would be such a deep red color. They can be compared only with liquid ripe apples.rn

despite the fact that nature, in addition to such a generous gift in the form of hair, gave her also an attractive appearance, the girl still lives the life of a commoner. She's not interested in all these masquerade balls and other events where crowds gather of rich people. She's attracted to his extraordinary heights glittering in the center of his native city's castle. Until any sign nobility and other rich red-Haired Princess snow white there is absolutely no Affairs. In addition, it does not aim to get unprecedented wealth or to achieve the location of the entire top of the city. For her it is more important to have sincere feelings and good qualities of the person. In people, she appreciates above all the intelligence and kindness, willingness to help the weak. And all these riches and fame for her do not matter. We can say that it is on a parallel trajectory in relation to them. And yet it so happened that one day these parallel slightly shifted and began to intersect…it Was completely unexpected. Once the girl was noticed by the Prince of her native country. Perhaps he would have been at least some chance to win the heart of the main character, if only his widely known stupidity was not equal in scope with his great wealth. Besides, he was selfish. To think about the feelings of the red-haired girl did not even occur to him. All, what he wanted to-this any way achieve from it reciprocity.rn

Shirayuki but his aggressiveness did not like, and she was wondering how to get rid of stalkers. In my head raced a hundred ideas, but they were all raw and bristling often just that-chasing her boyfriend – the Prince, who will be able to find it in any corner of the country. Having considered it, she came to a conclusion that time in the native state to it now to be rather dangerously, it is necessary to move to the next. In order to make it more difficult to know, the main character to cut their luxurious hair and hit the road. Her path ran through a beautiful forest, where the fugitive met a boy named Zen. For Shirayuki just rushed chase, and only thanks to the traveler met she managed to deceive the pursuers. As with the help of Zen girl managed to circle the chase around your finger, you will find out if the red-Haired Princess Snow white watch online. Now the heroine is waiting for the road into the unknown. It is waiting for a lot of interesting adventures, perhaps even a lot of all sorts of troubles. Will she be able to overcome them all successfully? Will there ever be a day when she will be able to visit her home country again? And by the way, who exactly is Zen? Is he kind, what seemed at first glance? Perhaps under the skin of a pleasant altruist hides a robber, or worse, the kidnapper of young girls, who are then sold into slavery... Time will tell. In the meantime, we can only hope that the cute red-haired girl will be all right.

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