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"Sneekweek" mad youth festival, which lasts for a week. Young people from all cities come for this holiday on the coast to have fun, to break away on the dance floor, make new friends and plunge into the unique atmosphere. The company, consisting of three girls and three boys, arrives at the "Sneekweek" for the same purpose. The heroes rent a luxurious mansion, attend parties and just have a great time. But at the same time they can not completely relax and feel comfortable, because two years ago something terrible happened to them, and since then they keep a common secret from others. Despite all efforts, the past does not let them go, no matter how they tried to forget about it.A vacation spent at "Snackwich" is another opportunity to forget recent events, and well off. That's just a terrible secret past suddenly catches up with them, and the characters it becomes clear that their awful secret known to them. An unknown psychopath in a mask opens for the company a bloody hunt. The heroes have to find the strength and courage to look the terrible truth in the eye, to accept the events of two years ago and give battle to a psychopath.

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