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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Trading fraud, a Marius comes across on the next Scam and pleases behind bars. Having earned a small term, he intends to return to the former craft upon release. But on the eve of his release, the young prisoner learns about the danger coming from a large mafia group. Outstanding fraud debt requires a solid immediate return. Otherwise, he faces serious trouble and cruel punishment.the Hero has no choice but to resort to a cunning trick again. He turns into Pete, his cellmate and goes beyond the prison walls under a false name. Having found out the details of the biography and having an external resemblance to a fellow prisoner, the newly-made gentleman goes to the relatives of the double in a small provincial town, where it is convenient to hide from his pursuers. Arriving at the place, he visits the elderly relatives of his partner, who is absent in his native land for more than twenty years. Whereupon the old man did not suspect the substitution and welcome arriving guest. The plan of the attacker succeeds, and the fate of the family acquiring legal residence in a newfound relationship. He takes root in the province, but the criminal past does not let go, and his future is unpredictable.

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