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The plot of the series She and grace season 1 download based on real events that took place in the 18th century. Young grace Marx came to Canada from Ireland and got a job as a servant in the house of a very rich man. Shortly after grace entered the service, the host and his pregnant mistress, who lived in his house, were killed with incredible cruelty. Grace and her friend were immediately suspected of murder. They did not admit their guilt, but the testimony of young suspects were so confused that the guy was executed, and the heroine of the series for many years went to a psychiatric hospital.But whether they were guilty or suffered in vain, on someone's evil will? Who could frame innocent people who paid so cruelly for something they did not do? The answers to these questions were not then, there are no them now. Even the assistance of doctor Simon Jordan, who ten years after the incident tried to help grace remember all the details of what happened on that fateful day, did not open the veil over this mystery...