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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
In the small American town of Smallville is a meteor shower, becoming a fateful event for the childless family of Kent. A married couple who has long dreamed of a son, near the house finds a baby and decides to keep it. Jonathan and Martha adopt a baby, giving it a simple and sonorous name – Clark.

rnmany years Later, Clark Kent attends an ordinary school, where he behaves like a normal teenager: successfully studies, communicates with peers and dreams of becoming a boyfriend of a classmate Lana. But Clark and a few secrets, which I suspect only the parents. One day the boy witnesses an accident. The car breaks from the bridge into the river, and Kent without hesitation rushes for the driver. So between Clark and saved Lex Luther begins friendship, which later will grow into a real enmity.

rnrn< p>Lex is the son of a well – known businessman in the city who owns a large Corporation engaged in scientific research. Over time, Luther learns about Kent's superpowers, and begins to take a closer interest in the topic, revealing more and more amazing details. Clark himself finds out that kryptonite, caught on the Ground during a meteor shower, can give people extraordinary abilities. Unfortunately, not everyone uses his gift for good purposes, so Kent, trying to protect his hometown, begins to fight evil. However, the main disappointment of the young Superman gets Lex Luther, who from the good guy turns into one of his worst enemies, bringing Kent and his family a lot of problems.