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British teenagers, like their peers around the world, face similar problems: school bullying, domestic abuse, knowledge of their sexuality, drugs and alcohol abuse. Even before graduation, they tend to take the most out of life, because of what fall into various unpleasant situations.


Tony Stonem is a representative of the Golden youth. Smart, cute and charming guy skillfully enjoys its popularity. Sociable and insightful, he quickly finds a common language with people, masterly using them for their own selfish purposes. His best friend Sid Jenkins is the complete opposite of Tony. He's a quiet guy who doesn't like to draw too much attention to himself. He lacks perseverance and self-confidence. Led bad student, often gets bad marks, because of what the guy constantly goes from home.

rnStonem meets Michelle Richardson, a beautiful and emotional girl who often goes from extreme to extreme. She has a bulimic girlfriend, Cassie, who feels unwanted after having a second child in the family. Maxi Olivet gay, not ashamed of his orientation. He is cheerful and sociable, despite the condemnation and rejection of some people. His friend Anwar, brought up in strict Islamic traditions, tries not to succumb to temptations, but can not always resist the rampant life of modern English teenagers.

rnthe Guys spend a lot of time together, overcome various difficulties and try to find their place in this world.

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