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The main heroine of the series "Scam (Italy)" will be a girl named Eva. At first glance, she seems quite ordinary schoolgirl, but Eva has already had to face serious difficulties. Being a pretty girl, she turned into an outcast because of the betrayal of her best friend. Eva took a chance to steal her boyfriend Jovia, and now she has to put up with the General boycott.rnThe only support for the girl becomes her lover. Except Giovanni's getting further away from Eva every day. He spends a lot of time with his friend Martino, does not answer the phone and even on a romantic trip to the lake drags a friend.feeling incredibly lonely, Eva tries to make contact with the new Eleanor. The girl does not know about the school intrigues, so she begins to be friends with Eva with pleasure. Soon their small company joined a strange girl Sylvia, her best friend Frederik and Muslim Dignity. The company spends a lot of free time together, and even begins to plan a trip to the prom. To appear at the prom effectively, they need the cutest guys, chic outfits and a limousine.Plans have to be combined with a rapidly developing personal life and, of course, with studies. And now, when eve begins to think that the problems are behind her, she has a serious crisis in the relationship. Not trusting Giovanni, she makes the mistake Martino finds out about. Now her reputation and friendship with the new girls will again be under threat.each season of the Italian remake of the series "Scam" will be dedicated to a new character. Ahead of the audience expects a romantic love story of Eleanor, Martino persecution because of his orientation and torment of Sana, torn between the traditions of her country and the national characteristics of life of adolescents in Italy. As a result, the series will show what really worries the modern Italian youth.