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  • Genres:
  • Drama
In a small village on the shore of the Aegean sea will develop the action series "black pearl". Everyone here knows the beautiful khazal and her fiancé Kenan. Lovers are literally inseparable and appear everywhere together. A few years ago they promised each other that they would never part, would not betray their feelings and would be together for many decades.rnrn

it Seems this idyll will go on forever, but the peace of the village is disturbed by the charming man Vural. He comes here for work and instantly falls in love with khazal. The girl cannot reply to Vural reciprocate because her heart has long been occupied.rnrn

Of course, the third one is disappointed, but he does not intend to retreat. The Vural has a plan that will allow him to Woo girls and to eliminate a competitor. By acting cautiously and rubbing the confidence of both her lover, the man managed to argue.rnrn

a Few unfortunate events that have occurred in a row, change the life Hazal and Kenan turned on its head. Now and feelings do not seem quite so strong, and the promise of a burden rather than a pleasure.rnas a result, Vural manages to separate the lovers. Disappointed with the life of khazal is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, so she manages to seduce and conquer. However, are her feelings gone forever? Of course not! The heart of the main character continues to rush to Kenan. After analyzing everything that happened, the girl realizes that they quarreled intentionally. She wants to return the other half, to revive their relationship, but it will not be easy. Now the fate of three people strongly associated, and to destroy a love triangle is possible only at the cost of very great sacrifices.