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For humanity, the story of the little mermaid is no more than a legend, myth, fairy tale for children or adults, thoughts lingered in childhood. However, in the seaside village near Bristol Bay mermaid has always held a special place. According to popular belief Bay for centuries served as a home not only for land residents, but also the inhabitants of the seas and oceans. Years go by and the legend has lost its appeal, worn out and is ready to finally go to the library shelf, when suddenly a mystical girl Rin appears in the village. Although the name of the guest is not as important as the place where the stranger arrived – the bottom of the sea. Not everyone believed in the veracity of the origin of the guest with mysterious green eyes, but her appearance touched all the inhabitants of the town, which reigned epic chaos. It is not so important, the mermaid the mysterious stranger or not, it is absolutely known that she is a dangerous predator capable to destroy anyone who will Wake up her anger. And in such audacious aggressive fools who want to forcibly snatch from the fatal beauty the recognition of her magical essence, there is no shortage in the local harsh lands, where people are not used to shuffle and ask for forgiveness three times. With such a brutal approach, not long before the first sinister>Marine biologists Ben and Maddy mystical mystery of girls interested stronger than the other inhabitants of the town. Young scientists believe that fate gave them a unique chance to reveal the secret of the ocean depths. Does the little mermaid really have a house at the bottom of the sea and do other sinister creatures live there, whose future exit to the surface will finally plunge the community into the abyss of destructive chaos.

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