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  • Drama
It has long been said to people: never ask anyone questions, unpleasant answers that you do not want to hear. And this applies not only to human interlocutors: often unnecessary questions should not be asked and their own past. But the heroine of the Spanish TV series "without personality" decided to enter into a dialogue with his story, which then more than once bitterly regretted.nnMaria serves as a lawyer in a well-known law office and is in an excellent account. In other positions it's all good: besides the successful and rapidly growing career she has youth, beauty and wealth of the Fuentes family to which it belongs. So, there is a great future ahead. Mary's father – a respected judge, the mother inherited all the wealth and respectability of its kind. That's only once a young lawyer learns that her parents are not her family.nnMaria would stop there, but she begins to understand her own past, digging out more and more skeletons along the way. Figuring out her true origin, she learns that her current parents stole her shortly after birth. And also that these seemingly decent people are actually members of an international mafia that specializes in the sale of children.