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Cats are animals, of course, cute. Where in addition to better animation can be shown all of their endearing habits? For a long time the main animated cat was the famous Tom – the one that has always had a difficult relationship with the mouse Jerry. But in new times it's time to make room for him on the pedestal of universal love. Simon's cat is getting more and more comfortable here.nnSimon is not the most responsible host. Often he forgets to feed his pet. But Tom finger in the mouth do not put – he does not like to go hungry, so always remind the person that it's time to pour food in a bowl. Like animal creative cat each time uses a new way to cheer up the owner, and each time these methods become more sophisticated and even more mocking.nnFeature of the series, which is noted by all his fans – minimalist animation. Cartoon drawn in a standard computer program Adobe Flash. The same approach is implemented in the voice acting-articulate words here do not pronounce, all actions are accompanied by a variety of sounds. After watching each episode you want to caress your pet, even if it is not a cat.