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We present you a unique project of its kind – a film in which only one person played. In the center develop in the drama "Nightingale" events are Mature black man. Peter Snowden in past brave soldiers, entire youth spent in Vietnam. Now he tries to adjust the life on"citizen". But, unfortunately, the hero himself, he does not succeed. Daily he is faced with the indifference of other people, and inferiority, which is spontaneous fits of rage and growing paranoia. In one of these attacks, Peter wakes up in the center of the guest room of his house, everywhere broken dishes and broken furniture. The worst thing for the hero is that he can not even imagine how it happened, and why the house is such a mess. From that day on, Peter decides to deal with the strangeness in his subconscious, to give up loneliness and live a normal life. How far will the search for himself lead him and will he be able to prove independent psychoanalysis to the end?

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