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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • History
  • Crime
There is all the sense in the saying that man comes in handy where born. That is why, not on the ill will of anyone in any little bit of the bigger cities have their Chinatowns, their ghettos and their districts for celebretis. And if representatives of different social strata mix in one area, get a mess and a popular revolt.nnIt is about this mini-drama, "Show Me a Hero". The story takes place in the socially uneasy 80s. Young mayor Nick Vasisco faced a problem. The Federal court ruled in one of the prestigious areas of the metropolis, where wealthy whites live, to build municipal housing for the poor and other outcasts of society.nnThe mayor is not averse to the execution of the judgment, which he considers fair. But, the inhabitants of the district in which it has to turn around construction, are against. They don't want to invade their well-groomed streets of the unemployed, blacks, drug dealers and juvenile delinquents. Have Wasicsko is no transcendent popularity, blinding charisma, or the support of the strong of this city. And because this confrontation is expected to result in protests of citizens and public unrest.