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Original Title: Shooter
Channel: USA Network
Creators: John Hlavin
Language: English
Description: The main figures in power wish to use the marine for the dirty plans. In the program of dealers is the destruction of the head of state and the seizure of the throne. Bob realizing that his desire to use in the liquidation of the President decided to escape, the picture Sometimes the hero has to sacrifice in order to save the life of the head of state, to go boldly into battle does not work, otherwise immediately lose the battle, it is necessary to lay low to inflict a crushing blow secretly. Kid is not simple and dangerous for opponents, but they do not take it into account, unaware of the idea of the sniper. What will happen next, whether the daredevil plans the course correctly. Sanctified by the halo of heroism, the hero is almost at the goal, whether the efforts and merits will be justified, when it will be possible to prevent the execution of the head. Assess whether the services are achieving the swagger. Why so decided to do the hero of selfless generosity or desire to perform a duty to the Fatherland, because at the risk, he may lose his own life. With a cold calm infantryman stalks the shooter, he desperately seeks to remove obstacles in order to achieve his, unraveling the mystery of the insidious plan and identifying the main players

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