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Original Title: Shooter
Channel: USA Network
Creators: John Hlavin
Language: English
Description: A skilled sniper is the target of the conspirators. Close to the government figures decided to eliminate the President. Villains need a puppet-an honest citizen who can risk his life for the sake of the Fatherland. Insidious guests believe that "Shooter season 2" is an ideal candidate for the role of the liquidator of the head of state. The compromised fighter at the last moment realizes impartial intentions of companions. Instead of a rescue operation partners plotting a murderous mission, where the main pest is presented abandoned on the barricades infantryman. A law-abiding citizen suddenly becomes a reprehensible outcast, a fugitive from his own tormentors.a Long-standing relationship quickly crumbling, even the loyal comrades are afraid to communicate with the persecuted traitor of the state foundations. Is a few desperate characters, which provide an imaginary criminal assistance. To dispel suspicions about personal involvement in the assassination, the daredevil will need to expose the intentions of the true enemies of the nation. After months of dramatic confrontation partially rehabilitated specialist manages to reunite with his wife in Germany. But the terrorists are not asleep, and start a new adventure, where the player is given not the last role.

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