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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
  • Romance
A walk in the Park for a young couple Jessica and Dave, the heroes of the film Kidnapped, turned into a tragedy. After a few hours they woke up in an empty room of any connection with the outside world. Through a special hole (similar is in the construction of laboratory cells), they bring food and water, but no demands or conditions, the kidnappers have not put forward. On the second day of staying in this terrible place Dave disappears, and Jessica finds a strange wound on her back, similar to the trace of the chip. After a while, Dave comes back with the same wound on his back, and the guys realize that they were victims of a monstrous experiment. Unknown in orange suits conduct experiments: put droppers with unknown drugs, send electrical impulses to the brain, affect the psyche with the help of light. In order not to go crazy, not to lose track of time and have evidence of what happened, the guys are a video diary, trying to understand the purpose of this kidnapping. To them in the camera gets three more young couples, which is all the same as with the main characters. One of the couples Eliot and Maria, holders of the degree, tells Jessica and Dave that all this is the work of aliens, and they are the chosen ones. Hopes of salvation are fading, any attempt to escape is immediately stopped. Jessica and Dave realize that the world around them has changed and will never be the same again. In the film, the Abducted (2013) aliens want to create a new society, and young people - the chosen "Adam and eve", those with which to start a new civilization. Stolen (2013) - a fantastic Thriller about a couple in love, which was the victim of aliens who conducted experiments on the body and mind. The film is full of dynamic actions, oppressive atmosphere makes you worry about the main characters, who in spite of everything resist the aliens. Every second there are questions about humanity, the power of human will and the horror of all that is happening Intriguing beginning, the original story, the lack of fantastic special effects and interesting end give the film Stolen a special realism and insight.

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