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Probably each of pet owners suspected that cats have a much greater mind than assigned people. That's only if it is, the animals themselves will not be aware of their intelligence. As it happens in the animated series "Shaun the Sheep".nnSean is the leader of the sheep flock. Once he could not escape acquaintance with the couple of Wallett and Grommit. Now he's just responsible for the welfare of the sheep, which, it so happened, were under his care. Once Sean managed to escape from the robot dog, but had to move the automatic haircut. Since then, his lamb brains have completely changed. He decided to do his best to protect his siblings. Sean is smart, he's bold, he's resourceful. But after all and on such clever RAM there will be strong opponents.nnSean's owner is an ordinary English farmer. When the rooster croaks, the farmer will Wake up, drink coffee, and immediately go about his business. And here the owner of the farm will be Sean. I will want a disco for the wards of sheep satisfied, want to – just order a pizza. And then all will call in the master's pool-of course, with flippers and masks. And on land sheep can be engaged in painting, or even with aliens to communicate. Sean's a real inventor.